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Nghiên cứu về Đói nghèo và Công bằng sức khỏe với UBVĐXHQH Thứ Sáu, 28/03/2014

In late 2013, PAHE group had three meetings with the Vice Chair of the Committee for Social Affairs of the National Assembly, Dr. Nguyen Van Tien, and his staff. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss how PAHE can support the making of health policy undertaken by the Committee, the National Assembly and other relevant stakeholder ministries. A decision has been made by the Committee and PAHE that a research will be undertaken to provide evidences for the National Assembly to promote more equity in health policies by showing the connection between health equity and poverty. The title of this policy oriented research is “Immpacts of Poverty Reduction Oriented Policies in Vietnam”, described as the follows:


Evaluate the impacts of Impacts of poverty reduction oriented policies in Vietnam

Research questions

To what extent the poverty reduction oriented policies, especially health financing related policy, health insurance policy have impacts on poverty reduction in Vietnam?



Secondary data analysis, descriptive and correlation study

Data source

·         Vietnam Living Standard Survey 2002-2012

·         National Health Account

·         Health statistics Year Book

·         Other socio-economic surveys


Descriptive and correlation among different variables:

1.      Health status

2.      Poverty

3.      Catastrophic health expenditure and impoverishment

4.      Education

5.      Income

6.      Health expenditure (total, by source)

7.      Employment

8.      Health Insurance (overall and for the poor)

Progress of the research

·         A Proposal has been developed

·         A meeting with National Assembly has been organized

·         Comments from experts received

·         Data have been being collected

·         Data have been being analyzed.


Results will be presented in a meeting with Assembly in March

Report will be completed by May 2014.

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