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Feedback workshop on research titled “Client satisfaction and its associated factors in hospitals” Thursday, 12/05/2016

Feedback workshop on research titled “Client satisfaction and its associated factors in hospitals” “The research findings reflected the reality… specifically the observation on practices of health workers, including insufficient consultation on testing and its payments as well as treatment…this is a professional mistake and it shouldn’t be tolerated…”

This is the feedback of a hospital leader in the feedback workshop on the research on health service quality and client satisfaction, conducted by the Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP). Organized in the two general province hospitals of Bac Ninh and Saint Paul in April, the workshops attracted participation of hospital leaders and nearly 40 heads of departments/ divisions in each hospital, showing the interest of hospitals.


It is worthy noted that hospital leaders and health officers highly appreciated the objectivity in research since “this is the first research, conducted by an independent organization while the previous assessments were only done by health officers”.


It was obviously that the health workers felt challenged by work overload at their jobs and they needed to use each single minute for examination and treatment. Thus, they somehow can skip some steps in treatment procedures and it can become their habit since there is no supervision mechanism from any stakeholders.


After the sharing on research findings, participants took their time to discuss on possible intervention strategies in hospitals to enhance health service quality as well as increase in client satisfaction. Some activities was proposed as follows: materials for clients and health workers, training on “soft skills” for health staff in addition to workshops and dialogues between clients – health officers to improve their relationship.


“These are very initiative ideas. We recommend CCIHP to implement interventions soon since if they are actually effective, we can replicated to other facilities to improve the health care quality”, said a representative from the Department of Health of the province.


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